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  • Note that gate pictured is NOT included. Only (1) one adapter is included.

  • Great way to protect your child or pet without damaging banisters or rails - Suitable for top and bottom stairs

  • EASY to install - Works will all kinds of safety gates. You can also travel with the EZ-Fit safety gate

  • Compatible with virtually ANY stairway post, works with hardware or pressure mounted gates. Maximum circumference is 18 around.

  • Makes a great gift

    Model: LPA1102

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GATE pictured is NOT included!

Please note that only ONE side is included as most banisters have a wall on the other side of the stairs, thus 2 pieces are not necessary

EZ-Fit safety gate adapter kit makes a great addition to any safety gate in your home.
Works with all safety gates - giving you peace of mind.

Note that gate pictured is not included. Only the adapter. Also note that only one adapter is included.

Maximum circumference is 18 around.

Gate Adaptor Panel provides a flat surface to install child safety gates. It is universal and can be used with most any brand hardware or pressure mounted gates. It is suitable for top and bottom of stairs and fits most stair posts and banisters (does not work with round banisters). This gate adaptor is quick and easy to fit requiring no tools or drilling.

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AGAIN, please note that only 1 side is included in the kit. Also note that if your banister is round, this will not work as it is a solid piece of wood and not rounded.

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